Friday, May 13, 2011


It's been such a great day!  It started this morning with breakfast at Einstein Bagels...yum!

Daniel insisted on a plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese...boring!  :)  I got the lox on an everything bagel...delish!

Then it was off to work and school.  Today was my first full Friday in a long while...ugh!  It was definitely hard, thank goodness I have such an AWESOME staff to keep me entertained and who are always willing to listen to my zany stories.

What a messy desk!  I big surprise!  At 4:30, Mileah dropped Daniel off at work so that I could take him up to the 4th floor to meet his new cousin!  Inoke Vincent Asisi!  Congrats to Sione and Lo, they are naturals!!!  Welcome to the world Inoke!

We LOVE you guys!  Muah!

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