Monday, May 2, 2011

Treat Yourself To Something Sweet

I recently started another blog...I KNOW!  Another blog!  I'm nuts!  No, I just LOVE blogging.  The blog is called the Live My Life Project!  It started as something simple, a chance for Daniel and I to record and challenge ourselves to live every day of this summer to the fullest.  It was a chance for me to find my focus again and strive to be a better person, a better Mom and a better employee.  I feel like my focus has been so stretched between work, school and my family that I got lost.  (Read about our Purpose here.)  The blog then turned into a way to learn from the people around me, how do they live their lives to the fullest?  So each day comes with a challenge!  There will be mini-interviews, giveaways, motivating thoughts and inspiring stories.

Yesterday's challenge was to Find God in an aspect of your day.  It was a lovely day!  Today's challenge was to Treat Yourself!  Daniel and I decided we would go somewhere we had never been before...Yogurtland in Orem.  YUM!  It's a lot like Farr's Ice Cream, almost exactly like Farr's.  It was a fun atmosphere and the desserts were delish!  Plus if you work for IHC, you get a 10% discount...holla!


We had such a fun night!  We enjoyed every bite of our ice cream, talked about our day, laughed at the lady sitting near us with the CRAZY laugh and vowed to do more nights like this throughout the summer.  Swing by the blog, tell us what you think, follow us and share with us ways you have chosen to Live Your Life to the Fullest!!!!

Oh...I've also been introduced to Pinterest!  Ahhh, I love it!  If you are on there...find me!

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Scott, Fia, Tre, and CJ said...

Ugh! My mouth is watering looking at those pics! I wish I could've treated myself today, but I can't have sugar for 90 days :( Eat some extra for me!!!