Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apples and Skins

I made a HUGE purchase this weekend.  Partly because I needed something for school and partly because I really wanted to add to my Apple collection.  That's right, I bought the Apple Macbook Pro.  WOO!  What an exciting moment it was to be handed this adorable little box, too small to have a computer...yet when I opened it, there it was...my new obsession.  That's right...she (of course it's a girl) is amazing.  I love typing on her sleek keyboard, browsing the internet, watching hulu.com and downloading songs to this lovely little thing.  It's too fun!  I even like shopping for her!  Haha, I found this adorable Etsy shop called Bertie's Closet and I bought this adorable skin / case for my new computer:

There are a ton of cute designs, fabrics and sizes to pick from .  I heart elephants and got this case in yellow.  Anyways, check them out.  So cute!  Isn't shopping so much fun!

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