Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Lover

I love reading other people's blogs!  I love to see what fun creations they come up with, what lovely pictures they take and what fun places they visit.  They always seem to make me so happy!  I love it!  Here are some of my favorites from this week.  I hope you enjoy them as well and have a HAPPY WEEKEND!

My cousin's, Amy and Dustin Palmer, recently took their family to Yellowstone via RV.  What a fun trip!!!  That may have to be the next vacation for Daniel and I!  They took this picture while on their trip, isn't it a beautiful picture?

I just love the NieNie Dialogues!  But I especially loved her posts this week.  Read about her visit to the Tree Room and her families back-to-school dinner.  LOVELY!!

I love Charles Dickens and I loved this post entitled FOG by Little Brown Pen.

Allison and Blake shared this hilarious video with us last weekend!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the laughs!!  Finding a stranger in your bed is not a laughing matter, but Antoine you is hilarious!!!!


House of Ham's said...

Ella!! That video of Antoine just made my whole day! Thanks for the good laugh! You guys always have such fun photos and do amazing things! Hope Daniel is enjoying 1st grade! Is he going to sunset?

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Oh, that pic is so breathtaking! And the video...I had an officer show me that video two weeks ago and laughed my a$$ off :) Such a funny video!!!

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...'ve got to check out the "Bed Intruder Song" on You Tube! It's hilarious!