Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Grade

Today was my little man's first day of 1st Grade.  Let me tell you that I was a blubbering idiot.  I walked him into his morning room, where he didn't want to give me a hug goodbye.  In fact he was kind of embarrassed that I walked him in, in the first place.  So I waved goodbye and stopped by the front office to pay his fees.  As I returned to my car, I could see the little guy through the window having such a good time.  I got in my car and a WAVE of emotion came over me.  I just started crying like a little baby!  I couldn't tell you why exactly, I was so happy for Daniel and so proud of him.  I wasn't sad, I was just crying!  Haha, so I called my Mom for some help.  What did she do?  Laugh at me!!!  She did tell me that she had cried at every milestone that we had as children and that I was just experiencing a mom moment, then she started laughing again.  :)  It helped a lot though and about ten minutes later I was back to normal.  I'm a nut!

Anyways, I thought that the best person to talk about his first day of 1st grade was Daniel.  So here you go:
Mom:  How did you like your first day of 1st grade?
Daniel:  It was good.  (lackadaisical tone of voice)
Mom:  What was your favorite part?
Daniel:  Recess!  Yup, recess was the best part!
Mom:  What did they have for breakfast?
Daniel:  You could pick cereal or waffles, but you could only pick one.  You could have two waffles or two bowls of cereal, but you couldn't have one waffle and one bowl of cereal.
Mom:  Interesting...which one did you pick?
Daniel:  The waffles!!
Mom:  Did you have two waffles?
Daniel:  No, just one.  I wasn't that hungry.
Mom:  Okay, well did you like the lunch I packed you? 
Daniel:  Yeah, but I didn't eat it all.
Mom:  What did you NOT eat?  The carrots?
Daniel:  No, the cookies.  I ate all my carrots.  Malcolm had the same lunch as me; sandwich, carrots & a juice box.  But he didn't have cookies.
Mom:  Okay, well should I leave the cookies out tomorrow?
Daniel:  No, I might want them tomorrow.
Mom:  Okay.  Well, what was Mrs. Schwen like?
Daniel:  She's nice!  She talks a lot too.
Mom:  Well, she is a teacher.  She has to talk to teach you, right?
Daniel:  Yeah, she taught us about numbers and letters.
Mom:  Which numbers and letters?
Daniel:  I don't remember.  (They were the letter M and the number 5, just so you know.)
Mom:  Hmmm...try to remember tomorrow's letter and number so I can do some learning with you, okay?
Daniel:  Okay.
Mom:  Anything else you want to tell me about today?
Daniel:  I made cookies with Mileah when I got home.  And I read my homework with her and she signed my paper.
Mom:  Oh that is GREAT!  I'm glad Mileah helped you with that.  She is great!
Daniel:  Yeah, she is my best homework buddy.
Mom:  Awesome, well it sounds like you had a good first day of 1st grade!!!
Daniel:  Yeah, it was good!  Is tomorrow fun day? 
Mom:  Hahahahahahahahahahahha!


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Hooray Daniel! So Cute :) Happy first day of first grade!

House of Ham's said...

Oh my goodness 1st grade! i cant believe it! I am totally terrified of Owens first day of kindergarten. You did good though it sounds like calling your mom was just what you needed! Hope you continue to have good days!

Mark and Mandi said...

what a big kid, he is adorable! your such a great mom!

Aimee said...

Good job! I was feeling more emotional this year than last year, I guess I am just realizing how fast they grow up. So glad he liked it though!