Friday, July 2, 2010

Provo Arts Festival

Every year I look forward to the Arts Festival in Provo and every year it exceeds my expectations.  Truth be told, I've always thought they should close Center Street in Provo off to cars, for the whole summer and turn it into a lovely arts, food and entertainment street.  One day when I'm running things, I'll be sure to put that on the agenda!  Anyways here were some of our favorite moments from this years arts festival.

The festival is held on the corner of University Ave and Center St in Provo, right in front of the beautiful county building.

There was a reptile show that Daniel got to be a part of.  Get a load of that snake!!!  Daniel wasn't scared in the least either, he thought it was AWESOME!

Funnel Cakes w/ Powdered Sugar and Strawberry Syrup, YUM!

The Texas Twister Tea, it's my favorite!

The scouts had a booth where you got to saw off a piece of wood, using a two man saw and then they burned the scouts emblem into the piece of wood.  Daniel and I got tired half way through sawing, the scouts had to step in to help us.  I'm so weak!

I found myself enchanted by this beautiful man.  I've seen this artwork before and have always thought it fascinating.  But the way this man focused on his work, it was as if no one else was around.  Beautiful concentration!

The best part of the WHOLE thing, the mini donuts!!! 

Happy 4th of July!!



joven said...

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June Asisi said...

So much fun. I miss being there to go to this with you. There is a festival of sorts here in Vista tomorrow, but it wouldn't be any fun to go to alone.