Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. D!

Daniel just turned 8 years old and has somehow left me feeling extremely old.  Where does all that time go?  I remember the day he first got here...really someone please tell me how four years can possibly go so fast.

While you're thinking of how to answer that, here is a fun little interview I did with Daniel on his birthday...


What was the best part of being seven years old?
Ummm...the best part was going to second grade.

Because I got to meet new friends.

Okay, that sounds nice.  What are you most excited about for year 8 of your life?
My new Legos and Nerf guns and my footballs.

That's it?  Toys?
Yeah, are there any other questions?  I want to go play with my toys again.

Yes, okay let's just shoot through these...

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite movie?
Transformers 3!

Who is your favorite person?
My Mom

What is your favorite song?
Pumped up Kicks

What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Play on the computers!

What is favorite chore to do around the house?
Cleaning the toilet.

What is your least favorite chore?
Making my bed.

Anything you want to say?
I love chocolate and my favortie drink is Sprite and I like living in our new home.  I love going to jump at the gym and going to school.

YAY!  Thank you for the interview!
Can I go play now?

I love you Mom.

Love you too!

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Megs said...

Awww! The very end is my favorite!

Happy birthday, Daniel!