Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines #32

Despite all the rolling of the eyes and snide comments I tend to make, I really do have high hopes for this stinking holiday.  Silly...I know, but I'm a girl who loves LOVE, what do you expect.  I spend days preparing myself for the holiday and reminding myself that no one is going to surprise me with flowers, my knight in shining armor will not appear with roses and chocolates, Justin Timberlake really is getting married to Jessica Blah and for no good reason, I am still single.  

Yet every Valentine's Day, I secretly hope that someone will surprise me with flowers, that my Knight in Shining Armor will appear at my door holding roses and chocolates, that Justin Timberlake will need an emergency x-ray...see me behind the desk and wonder where I have been all his life, and that I was no longer defined by such a lonely word.  

I can not complain though, I have a beautiful son who let me spoil him rotten tonight.  I picked him up from Megan's house and made him do homework in his room while I put together a Valentine's surprise in the kitchen.  It was so fun to cook a special meal for him, decorate the table and just chill with my little man, The Voice and a spoonful of Nutella (nectar of the Gods).

Here is to my 32nd Valentine's, it really was a great day!  I pray all of you were blessed with LOVE, Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Crepes...mmmm!

Mr. D...my sweet little man!

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Megs said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Ela! Looks like you had a great date for the evening. :)

Those strawberries and nutella look delish, btw. That's my favorite dessert combo!