Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundance 2012

I can not believe this week has come to an end!  So much thought and planning has gone in to this year of Sundance and I had a great time!  Okay, so I am going to be brief right now and simply recap this year's Sundance events for you.  However, check out the Hen Movie Blog in the near future for some in depth movie reviews from this year's festival.

To recap...
  1. I saw 5 films at 4 different theaters, in 3 days, in 2 cities, with 1 new snazzy coat!
    1. Bachelorette - Super funny
    2. How to Survive a Plague - Inspiring
    3. Liberal Arts - Lovely
    4. The Words - Slightly Disappointing
    5. Predisposed - Surprisingly Great
  2. I cried in 2 films.  No ugly cries though!
  3. I was inspired to action!
  4. I was inspired to read more, to listen to classical music, to write my script and to start planning next year's trip.
Here are some pics from this year's Sundance Film Festival...

We ate at Roosters Brewing Company in Ogden prior to Bachelorette.


Peery's Egyptian Theater in Ogden

Instagram - Organ playing prior to the filming of Bachelorette.

Instagram - Waiting for How to Survive a Plague to begin.

We ate at Barbacoa right before the showing of Liberal Arts.

Sundance Film Festival 2012 - Screen just prior to Liberal Arts.

Instagram - Waking up Sunday morning with two more films to watch.

Instagram - Breakfast at the Little America Hotel.  YUM!

Instagram - Little America lobby, aren't chandeliers so romantic?

Instagram - Waiting for Predisposed to start, admiring me pretty hand stamp.

The streets were lined with Sundance banners.

Willard and his gal pal outside of the Rose Wagner.

Volunteer ushering us in to see The Words at the Rose Wagner.

Waiting in line outside of the Tower Theater for Predisposed.

Beautiful mural on an otherwise forgettable house.

Thank you Melanie for getting all of my tickets.  I promise to be more on top of things next year!  Thank you Melanie and Peggy for being such great movie buddies!  Thank you Peggy for being a great travel companion.  Thank you Lua, Justin, Sione and Lorien for taking care of Mr. Daniel so that I could enjoy my time at Sundance this year.  Thank you Fia for letting me borrow your camera.  Thank you Melanie, Peggy, Cheryl, Laura and Grady for a weeks worth of intelligent, creative and enlightening movie dialogue! 

Can't wait until next year!


Lee S. said...

Oooo Ela this looks like so much fun! Every year I talk about going and every year I do not. ha ha. I loved all your photos and will keep an eye out for those movies in the future :)

Boy Mom said...

That last comment was me, by the way. Not sure what log in my computer was set to.