Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it?

The build up of excitement, the hum of stadium lights, the locker room prayers, the stomping of feet, clapping of hands, roars of fans...


Oh this is my favorite time of year!  And football is my favorite all time sport.  I'm so excited for it all!!  This last Saturday, I got to cheer on two awesome people.  First off, Mr. D, Dan the Man, Lightning Dan...played a great game of flag football.  He captured two flags and ran in an extra point.  I was such a proud mama.  Go Green Hornets!

Then it was a quick wardrobe change and we were off to Logan to watch Uncle Naki play against Weber.  Woo, talk about a great game.  Uncle Naki is out with a small injury, but the team did great and we were so excited to go and show our support!  USU 54 vs Weber 17, Go AGGIES!!!

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