Saturday, January 15, 2011

Window Shopping

Confession:  My name is Ela and I am a shop-a-holic!

When we were little my Mom used to take us Window Shopping.  We weren't allowed to go in the stores, we were only allowed to look at the items in the window display.  Which actually made for some lovely days out in the city.

Oh man, the window displays in the stores in New York.  They were always so lovely, inventive and mesmerizing.  Here are some from the 2010 holiday season.  (Next year, Daniel and I will post our favorites from our trip to NYC.)

Pictures taken by NYClovesNYC.

Sometimes, I like to imagine that I have $10,000 for shopping.  What stores would I go to, what items would I buy, who would I buy for?  Oh, it's so fun.  Here are some fun things I've found.  :)

These conversion prints for kitchens, made and sold by Sweet Fine Day on Etsy.

I would buy this bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids for Daniel's new room!!!

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