Monday, January 31, 2011

Sundance 2011: The Ledge

After the ASCAP Music Cafe, Melanie and I headed down to the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City for "The Ledge" starring Terrance Howard, Liv Tyler and Christopher Gorham.  The film is about a detective that finds out that his two kids are not really his, after discovering that he's sterile.  This detective is called out to talk a jumper off a ledge, shortly after getting the news.  The character development in this film is phenomenal, you really get to know the characters and are able to see such vulnerability in each person.

It was moving, again, I was crying.  Such a fantastic film and the Q & A afterwards with the films writer/director was also moving.  I can't believe what a bawl baby I was.  But this film is actually coming out in theaters this year, so keep an eye out for "The Ledge."  Here are some pics from a Q & A with the actors and director, compliments of Wire Image.

Such amazing performances!!!

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