Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, I'd like to say that we got a jump start on Christmas this year and kept the holiday Spirit going strong, but truth is that finals were a BITCH this semester and Christmas didn't really start till I finished school.  But once it did, we had some real fun! 

It started with a trip to Gardner Village for some ELF hunting and dinner at Archibald's with Melanie!  Gardner Village has a lovely Christmas display of elves and you have to search out all the elves in order to get a treat at the end.  We did our best, but we weren't able to find them all.  Although, we did have an incident with one of the shop ladies.  Note: Daniel can be very timid around strangers.  So we were in one of the shops in the village and Daniel was of course feeling the need to touch EVERYTHING in the store!  Well, he found some wooden clogs in the store.  He picked them up and called for me so that I could see them.  I, of course, told him to put them DOWN!  The shop lady then decides to step in and tells him that the shoes belong to an elf that hurts little kids who touch things they aren't supposed to!  Slightly shocked that this lady had the nerve, I look over to him just in time to see him cock an eyebrow and say to the shop lady, "Oh yeah?  I don't see any elves in here!"  As funny as it was, we held in our laughter till we got outside of the store. 

Good times and a funny start to the holidays!

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