Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lovin' It

I like to share with my friends.  When I come across something great, I don't hide it so that only I can bask in the glory of it all.  I share!  So here you go friends, just some of my fave posts!

These Mini Meatball Sandwiches are delish!!!  Thanks to Ree Drumond (Pioneer Woman).  We had them tonight and they were a hit!

Hither and Thither's post about Manhattanhenge made me desperately miss living in New York.  The pics are AMAZING!!!

Exactly what this world needs, HAPPY THOUGHTS!  Thanks Megs for sharing!

Not only does Paulo Coelho have a blog, but he posts 20 second reads that truly uplift.  This particular one about the Pencil was lovely.

These fantastic e-cards by Foxy Blunt!  They make me so happy!

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