Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Airbender

Yesterday, I had promised Daniel that we would go to the theater for Toy Story 3.  When we got there, the movie was sold out and the next showing wasn't until 7 pm.  When I told him that we would have to try another night, his lip started to quiver and he said, "It's okay, I understand."  He then turned for the escalator with his head bowed.  When I caught up to him, huge tearsdrops were streaming down his face.  He had worked so hard that day and this was our big treat.  So we turned back around and walked up to the ticket booth.  I told him that we could see The Karate Kid again, The Last Airbender or...and before I could say Toy Story 3 at 7:00, his little face lit up as he said, "YEAH, The Last Airbender".  We bought our tickets and I must say, I quite liked it.  Daniel LOVED it and has been trying to bend elements since we got home.  It's not something I would've seen without Daniel, but watching it with him made it a great movie. 

In a non-mommy view, if you don't like fantasy fiction and movies that seem to prep you for a trilogy - don't go to see this movie. In my opinion it's ranked with the Scorpion King and Hidalgo.

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