Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A couple of great posts!

Check out some of these great posts!  Yes, I should be spending my free time more wisely!

Claudio's take on the season finale of LOST!

These amazing photos taken by Lee Shumway on a recent camping trip!

A video created by a talented artist's husband!  What love!

Olivia's cute nail polish blog!

These fabulous Black & White's by Megs!

This stinkin' adorable do it yourself Father's Day project over at Oh Happy Day!

My cute Mom's thoughts about daily blessings.

I love reading all of your blogs!!  Thanks for sharing your life, thoughts, and world with us!


Megs said...

Thanks for the blog nod, Ela! Very cool of you :)

Lee S. said...

What a surprise! Thanks Ms nice of you to give a shout out :)