Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love is in the air!

What a "love"ly weekend!  It started with a phone call around 10:30 pm Friday night from my BFF, Allison!  She is officially engaged to her loving BF Blake!  I'm so happy for her! 

I met Allison years ago in New Jersey, she was out there visiting a mutual friend and we have been friends ever since!  For a while there we were inseperable; double-feature Saturday's, Harry O's, Lifetime Movies and Little Ceasar's, people watching, road trips to Vegas, Bachlorette Parties, Dirty Dancing @ Gold's Gym, so many football games, and so much sushi!! 

When I decided to take on the responsibility of raising Daniel, Allison was behind me 100%!  What a transition it was for me to go from being a full time friend to being a full time Mom.  As hard as it was, Allison was there for me every step of the way.  Now Allison has met her Prince Charming and he's a GREAT guy!  I'm over the moon happy for the two of them and look forward to reciprocating the support that she has given me over the last two years.

The other "love"ly thing that happened this weekend.  Sheri Eyre (Scott's sister) got married, to her Prince Charming Nicholas!  What a sweet, young couple!  They had such a lovely reception; 1,000 oragami birds, floating candles, yellow roses and Daniel's favorite, a dessert bar!  The last reception I had been to was Lua and Justin's, I forgot how lovely they could be.  Plus, Fia looked totally adorable in her bridesmaid dress.

All of this loveliness was followed up with a relaxing Sunday spent with my little man.  Could this weekend have gotten any better?  I think not!

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