Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here they are.  There were a few others that I had taken on Friday, but after our trip to the train yard today I couldn't resist submitting these instead.  Thoughts??  Feedback?? 

This has been so much fun, I've LOVED taking time out of my weekend to be creative.  What sorts of things do you do to keep your creative mojo flowing?


Anonymous said...

Ela, I enjoyed your photos. Interesting perspectives. Troy

Eric Alder said...

I don't think it's possible to proactively keep your creative mojo flowing, because I don't feel it's something you can force to happen - it just does.

But there are definitely ways to encourage it. Be awake and alert (so you don't miss potential inspirations) and take time for those little things you enjoy.

(Oh! And keep your camera handy!)

Aron said...

I like those photos!
For me, photography, cooking and blogging. Although they can be energy sucks too!

Megs said...

That photo of the screws is AWESOME! I love seeing the results of your creativity time!