Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Adventures

It's been a lovely weekend.  What made it lovely you ask?  Well let me tell you!

  • Sushi at Sushi Ya with Daniel and Melanie.
  • Extract w/ Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman.  So funny!
  • The beautiful walk to a neighborhood park, where Daniel was able to go to play and have fun!
  • Signing up for eHarmony.  I can't believe I've done it, but let the adventure begin.
  • Laughing over the adorable things that Ari kept doing!
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs, mmmmm!
  • Having Naki home for a couple of days.
  • Watching GLEE on Hulu!  What a great show, I wanted to get up and sing several times.  Is there a glee club for women in their 30's?
  • No school, it's really making me rethink summer school.
  • Daniel's "OKAY" story.  Ask him to tell it to you and I swear you'll be rolling on the floor laughing.
  • Family breakfast at Callie's Cafe.
  • Now Daniel and I are off to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


Makenzie said...

I wish I didn't work every sunday!! You guys are always getting together and doing fun things! Love the pics!

Car Audio Stereo said...

I love to spend time with my family on every weekends.

nevalia said...

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