Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

I normally have class after work on Thursday's, BUT IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!

Daniel & I went to the Target store in Orem and when we walked in, it was DARK!  I swear, a majority of the lights were off, except for a few accent lights, people were quietly talking to each other, no annoying muzak!  It was the most peaceful shopping experience we have ever had.  They should make it permanent.  We learned at the checkout stand that the power box had caught fire earlier during the day and since it had happened, they couldn't turn all of the lights on.  We loved it!

Normally before I go to bed  I do homework, BUT NOT TONIGHT!  IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!

I watched an episode of Private Practice, Ugly Betty and Chuck!  Then I helped my cutie pa tootie brother Naki set up his blog. 



House of Ham's said...

I had no idea thats why the lights were off! Thats kinda scary! I thought it was so peaceful too....but kinda horror movie too. I guess i should stop watching stuff like that! it was good to see you two there!
Hope you have a great spring break!

hacer amor said...

that hat looks retarted. but I want one

Kellie said...

Nothing is better than no school! Too bad the weather hasn't been the greatest today. Happy Spring Break!