Monday, February 8, 2010

Grove Market and Deli

My adorable friend Megan wrote this fabulous review for the Grove Market and Deli! 

"From the outside looking in, Grove Market and Deli looks like your typical mom and pop corner store. Well, unless it’s lunch time that is…

Once noon rolls around, anyone who’s in the mood to chow down on a sandwich made from their childhood dreams lines up at Grove’s. Why? Because Grove’s doesn’t think twice about stacking the meat high and using a full loaf (yes, a full loaf) of French bread to placate the fat kid within all of us.

I recommend the turkey avocado with all the fixins. I describe it to newbies as “a good kick in the mouth,” meaning if kicks in the mouth were good, you’d want one from Grove’s. The deli meat is fresh, the avocados make more than just an appearance, and the pickles! Ohh the pickles; they snap like nobody’s business."

To read the rest and to get more information about the deli, go to


Megs said...

Ahhh! Thanks, Ela! To be featured on your blog is such an honor!

Meme said...

Ela, I love Groves. So the next time your in the Salt Lake valley give the wedge girls a call and we will meet you there.