Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Little Prince

Daniel and I have been reading The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery. What a beautiful story! I remember watching the cartoon growing up, but I didn't read the book till I was on my mission. I know that the concepts of the book are way too advanced for Mr. D, but the story is special non the less. One of my favorite sayings in the book is, "The essential things in life are not seen with the eyes, but with the heart." How as adults we forget to close our eyes "logical minds" and focus on what the heart can see. Or in other words seeing things as a child sees them. It's poignant and lovely!

Another important book the last few weeks is one I'm studying at work, Crucial Conversations; Tools for Talking When Stakes are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Al Switzler and Ron McMillan. This book has enlightened me to the way I approach difficult conversations. It covers Left Column Conversations, Starting with the Heart, Making it Safe and so much more. I have been able to use these tools not only at work, but in my personal life. Such a powerful book! I am LOVING it and highly recommend it.

What books are you READING???

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Brandon & Aimee said...

Thanks Ela, I have the little prince on my book club list, I better check it out...I'm really into Shannon Hale's books right now, have you read them? Try Austenland or The Goose Girl or Book of a Thousand Days, they are cute fairy tale type stories.