Thursday, August 20, 2009

25 Random Things About ME :)

1. I wear a size 12 shoe. Buying shoes is impossible, I have to buy online or at Payless.

2. I sing and dance like a mad woman in my car. The worst bit, is that my car windows aren't tinted so I'm giving everyone at the stoplight a show! I can't help it though, the music moves me.

3. I believe that I am the smartest driver in the world and everyone else sucks. I have the worst road rage imaginable.

4. I love pulling silly faces in pictures! Even more, I love to get people to do it with me! LOL!

5. I have tried to quit caffiene four times in my life, the longest I lasted was a year and a half. That's only because I was on my mission.

6. I believe that there is a "ONE"! One person out there, that I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. One person who completes ME!

7. I hope to one day own my own cafe or bed and breakfast. I believe that my current career path is all a means to one day fulfill this dream.

8. I get home sick for Jersey, on a regular basis. I miss the city and the friends I left there.

9. I can't stand it when people compliment my looks. I never know what to say! I know I'm being rude when I don't except the compliment and yet when I do accept it I feel like I'm lying. I'd rather people compliment my accomplishments and deeds, those mean the most.

10. I cherish knowing that I am a daughter of God and that there is in fact a God who watches over me. I'm not the most religious person, but this fact brings me comfort!

11. I knew I was supposed to be Daniel's mother the day I met him. But it took me six months to accept it. Once I did, my life took a road that has brought me the greatest joy I could possibly imagine. I am so thankful I get to be his mommy! I love him so much.

12. I secretly wish I could be a Pussycat Doll! I think they are AWESOME.

13. I am addicted to!! At nights, I will read up on all the celebrity gossip for hours.

14. I dream about winning the jackpot in Vegas and then I dream about how I would spend it.

15. I have the worst gag reflexes! If I see, hear or smell someones throw up, I'm gagging. If I have to get my throat swabbed, I'm gagging. When I brush my tongue, I'm gagging. It's ridiculous!

16. I can't stand to see people bite ice or popsicles. I get goosebumps and intense chills up my back! Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.

17. It's been about 12 years since I graduated from high school and I still dislike Timpview immensly. I'm a Bulldog through and through.

18. I love my birthday! My birthday celebrations last for a couple of weeks. Although I am dreading the fact that I turn 30 this year, I can't wait to celebrate it!! The cake just might have to say 29 for one more year.

19. I hate cats. I think they are slightly evil and totally disgusting. I stopped talking to a guy who told me that he had cats at home. I walked away when he told me that there was nothing better than coming home to his cat, picking it up and feeling it purr! SICK!!

20. I am deathly afraid of frogs and rodents. I will seriously freeze up and start crying when I see one.

21. I love school. I love taking notes, listening to lectures, writing papers and taking tests. I'm excited to go back this fall!

22. I hate it when people cry on reality tv. For example: When someone gets sent home on the Bachelor. I can't watch it, I have to turn the channel.

23. My favorite foods are pizza, pasta and mashed potatoes. Also known as: carbs, carbs and more carbs.

24. I love to read! I carry a book with me every where I go. There is one in my car and one in my desk at work, just in case I don't have one in my bag. I love to read on my lunch break and I love to read before bed! My ideal vacation would be laying out near a body of water with a good book!!

25. I think I'm funny. Like HBO special funny! I really think that I could put a good routine together and take it on the road. LOL! I do!


Brandon & Aimee said...

I loved reading that Ela! I think you are fun, funny and awesome, how's that for a compliment? Ha, and #19? I think he's gay. Anyway thanks for posting that! Mine wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

Butler Family said...

Ela you are SO funny!! I love working with you. I have a cat so you better keep talking to me ;) and i just wanted you to know that I also rock out in the car, it's like if you don't like it quit staring at me!

Allison said...

LOL Ela!! You make me pee!