Monday, February 16, 2009

97.1 ZHT Morning Zoo

I absolutely LOVE listening to Frankie, DB and Jessica every morning on my way to work. A typical weekday morning:
I roll out of bed,
complain about having to go to work,
think of at least two reasons why I can't go to work,
review my schedule for the day,
review my current financial status,
convince myself that I must in fact go to work,
finish getting Daniel ready,
finish getting myself ready,
get Daniel off to daycare,
then turn on The Morning Zoo and laugh my way to work. Some mornings I'll pick up breakfast on the way to work, just so I have more time to listen to the show! I'll sit in the parking lot, eat my breakfast and laugh by myself. When cars pull into the parking lot I grab my bag and pretend to be looking for something until they are far enough away. Then I return to eating my Sausage Egg Biscuit and laughing. I really need to get my windows tinted. LOL!
Oh one morning, I was enjoying the show so much that I pulled into the parking lot and was about to turn the ignition off when Daniel said, "You missed it Ela! You missed the turn!" Yes, I forgot to drop the little guy off at the sitters and had to turn around. It was horrifying and yet made for a hilarious story when I got to work.
Here's my shout out to the Morning Zoo crew, thanks for making my mornings! LOL!


Megs said...

Oh my GOSH, I'm the same way!! I love listening to the Zoo-- I can't get enough of them! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does the "Oh shoot, where did I put that" act when people drive by, LOL! LOVE IT!

My Mom and Dad said...

Ha Ha Ha! That is so funny! I've missed the turn several times too! Daniel is so smart! We'll have to go feed the ducks with you guys soon! Love ya!

Allison said...

Seriously... my day is not complete if i don't listen to the morning zoo! I LOVE them!!