Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Vote?

Alright, are you ready for this? This is why I think you would be DUMB not to register and vote in this upcoming election!!! Because your vote DOES count!!! When combined with all of the other people who feel exactly like you do, it counts! Even if you didn't care for either candidate, express your frustration to your leaders by voting for the effing Easter Bunny!

Because we all know someone, who doesn't have the right to vote (my family in Tonga are governed by a King who doesn't care! If they could vote, they would.)

Because our country needs change!

Because we are the chosen generation, the generation that our parents', parents', parents', parents' fought for! They made sure that we could one day stand at the poll and vote for what we believe in!

Because if you don't vote, you are being lazy!

Because the time it would take you to read up on your candidates and make an informed decision is equal to the time you would spend watching ABC TV on a Thursday night (Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, news)!!

Because if you don't care about this country, why should it care for you????

Vote! It's easy, it's smart and it's the right thing to do!!!
Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
Republican Party Presidential Candidate John McCain

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