Sunday, October 12, 2008


My good friend Heidi Smith got me hooked on the word "WORST". I would say this word in almost every situation. For example a friend would tell me that her boss was making her assume the housekeeping responsibilities while they interviewed possible replacements, my response would be, "WORST!" Or say you open a piece of mail that looks like it may be a check. You know, the ones that have the perferated edges and you can't help but wonder, "Did I over pay on a bill and they are sending me a refund?" Only to find a Past Due Notice or an advertisement for a new phone service. That would warrant a "WORST" I bring this up only because lately, I have been saying it a lot and I just needed to vent. Plus it's my blog and I can write whatever I want to on it!

I got paid on Friday and it's already gone to bills, "WORST!!"
I went to get Daniel a library card and apparently I never returned a book about three years ago, so I have an outstanding fine of $55.00 and you can't get a library card until you have paid it down to $10.00, "WORST!!"
The diet I have been on since September 12th has shown only a 1.5 pound weight loss, "WORST!!"
There is a horribly painful blind pimple coming in on my nose, "WORST!!"
I quit my job at the hotel and my former boss left the ugliest message on my voice mail, "WORST!!"
I asked my boss for the raise he promised me and he said I'd have to wait to receive the annual raise and maybe he could work something out for next year, "WORST!!"

I could go on, but you get the jist and I feel better having got it out into the open! Now that it's said, I can't help but share with you my "BEST" moments. Because truly it's not all negative and I believe that for every sad or "WORST" moment there are two "BEST" moments that follow.

The move in date for the UVOC building has not changed. Which means I'm coming into some MAJOR overtime, "BEST!!"
Daniel loves books and loves me, "BEST!!"
I set my weight loss goals for the next month and am determined to come out a champion at my next monthly meeting, "BEST!!" YAY for determination!
I have had some GREAT hair days lately, "BEST!!"
I no longer have to work at the hotel, "BEST!!" SCREW YOU IVANA!
I will most likely get an Exceeds on my yearly evaluation, "BEST!!" Hard work doesn't go unnoticed!
I'm going to VEGAS on Friday to see JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE with some of my best friends, double "BEST!!"
I have a new little niece, "BEST!"
And despite all my bitching and moaning, I AM HAPPY!! "BEST!!"

Feel free to share a "WORST" moment! Or a "BEST!" Or both!


Melanie said...

I was supposed to have last Saturday off. (My only whole day off for a LONG time.) I ended up having to help out at the BYU tailgate party by handing out t-shirts at a LAME booth promoting the UVOC. I am now working 27 days in a row! WORST!!! I kind of feel like I sold a little of my soul that day. But contrary to my fear of stepping foot on BYU property, I did NOT burst into flames or get struck by lightening. BEST!!! :) ALSO, I had a very cute boy come over Friday night who made me pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and watched The Lion King. BEST!!! Unfortunately, like most boys that come over, he fell asleep half way thru the movie and left crying. WORST!! haha Actually it was the BEST time I've had in a long time. Thanks Ela! You and Daniel are truly the BEST!!

Ela Asisi said...

Oh you crack me up! I'm surprised that you survived your trip to the BYU campus though! I heard that place could literally scare a person to death.