Saturday, September 27, 2008


Some of the funnest times I had as a child were on nights that us kids would build tents and forts in our living room with bed sheets and blankets. So last night I decided that would be a fun thing for Daniel and I to do. We made pizza for dinner, rented Speed Racer and built our tents. Tre came to visit us and he LOVED the tents! We had a great night!


Melanie said...

Aww SOO FUN!!! I LOVE making tents!! Now that I have my own apartment, is it bad that I basically always have a tent set up in my living room? I just have to make sure I take it down before anyone comes over. Haha just kiddin. Actually I only put it up IF a cute boy comes over. lol Of course, which is NEVER. Looks like you had TWO CUTE BOYS with you! LUCKEEEEE!!

My Mom and Dad said...

Awww! Shucks Ela! I started tearing up when I saw those pics of Daniel and Tre! They sure love each other! You're such a great Auntie!