Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a fabulous weekend! Other than my annoying cold, you know the ones that you think you have gotten rid of and then it pops back up at the most inconvenient time! I headed up to Logan with the family to watch Naki start in the USU vs. Fresno game! We did some fun shopping at an adorable honey shop called Cox Honeyland, on our way up. I got some yummy fudge and a fun Halloween platter. On our way to the game Daniel and I were practicing our "Go NAKI" cheers!

It was such a great game! Naki did such a wonderful job, we were so proud of him. They were robbed right at the end, it was devastating, but that doesn't take away from the wonderful job that he did. He was even mentioned in the Deseret News this morning! Click here to read the article!

Here are some pictures from the game!

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