Friday, October 24, 2008

Sparkling Pink Footballs

Before I left for my trip to Vegas, I took Daniel to Color Me Mine for some painting fun. I had promised the kid that we would paint a piggy bank for all of his change around the same time that John got married and kept putting it off. So when the day came, I wasn't about to stand in the way of his fun! When we got there, there was quite a selection of banks! He chose the football bank with no persuasion from me. YAY!! We got our table all set up and went to the wall of colored tiles to pick our colors. Daniel wanted Pink, Red and Sparkle Blue!!! I was a bit mortified when he painted the entire football pink, I kept asking him if he wanted to use some more of the red or blue, but he just wanted more pink!! Who am I to get in the way of his creative genius anyways, right?!?

So as we were getting to the end of his art project, I had to explain to him that his football would be staying there for a couple of nights and we would come back to get his football. This is when his temper tantrum ensued! He sat underneath the table, didn't say a word and didn't budge! If I wasn't so bugged, I would've gotten a picture for you all to see! After all the drama and fun; we went back Monday night and got his football bank. It now resides next to his bed with lots of change in it. He is too cute! I LOVE THAT KID!

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Makenzie said...

So cute! Already grownin into a football player!