Sunday, October 19, 2008


Everybody say YEAH!!!
Everybody say HELL YEAH!!
Now everybody SCREAM!!!

MY throat is so sore! I screamed my lungs out, I absolutely LOVED our short trip to Las Vegas! We started the trip with some breakfast at the Asisi house, then we talked and sang the whole way to Vegas! Here are some of our favorites from the trip!

When we got to Las Vegas we grabbed some In-N-Out Burgers and checked into the Alexis Park Hotel. After we ate our delicous grub we headed to the pool. It was so relaxing, exactly what we each needed. After the pool, we went to dinner at Cozumel's Mexican Restaurant!

The JT concert was at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. There were so many people there, from all walks of life and all ages!

I don't feel like you would believe me when I tell you who performed, but here you go: The Jonas Brothers, STOMP, Leona Lewis, Boys II Men, Rihanna, Will I Am, Adam Levine, 50 Cent, Lionel Richie and of course JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!

Justin announced during the concert that he will be back in Vegas, "same time, same place!" So we will be going again for sure with a few more buddies I'm thinking! What a great trip, what an AMAZING CONCERT!!!!

**Allison took all of these amazing pics!**


Allison said...

I had SOOO much fun!! I can't wait till next yeayer!

My Mom and Dad said...

HEY...HO....HEY...HO! Wait, who's this Justin guy...ha ha, jk! What amazing pics! I hope Allison had the bestest birthday ever. I'm so happy you got to go! Love ya sissy poo!