Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am addicted to Rock Band. I had only played a couple of times before with my brothers, but after playing with Claudio and Olivia last Saturday night I can't stop thinking of when I can play again!!! We had so much fun! Our band name is called the MUD PITTZ!!!! Cool name, huh! LOL! Claudio rocked the drums and Olivia dominated the guitar, while I flexed my vocal skills on the mic, my voice was so raw the next day! It was great! I felt like Phoebe from Friends, when she got the cold and had the "sexy flem"! So funny! Next time we play I'm going to get more pictures for sure! Check out the Rock Band Blog, it has actual interviews with the bands that are featured on the game. It's pretty cool! http://www.rockband.com/life

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