Monday, July 21, 2008

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is one of my all time favorite authors. Her first novel, Good In Bed literally spoke to me. The main character, Cannie Shapiro, was my hero and I idolized her. So when I saw that she had come out with a book almost ten years later revisting the characters from her first book, I was thrilled!!! Now that I have finished it, I have to say that Jennifer Weiner is truly a master of her art (chick lit). Throughout the book, you find yourself taking the emotional roller coaster that IS this little family's life. You will laugh, stress and cry for them. My main criteria for a good fictional novel comes down to these two questions:

* Did I for a brief moment, forget about my life and immerse myself in the portrait that the writer was offering?

and second . . .

* While reading this book, was I able to relate to any of the characters and what lessons did they go through that could, in some way, be applied to my own life?

It may seem silly, but if I can't walk away with something or feel like I was able to escape, than I have wasted my time. Bottom line, Jennifer Weiner is AMAZING!! If you have never read any of her novels I suggest that you start with Good in Bed or In Her Shoes, from there it's up to you!

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