Monday, February 4, 2008

The Eye

I love a good horror film every now and again! I won't see them all, but I have to say I really liked, THE EYE. It was adapted from a Japanese horror about a young blind woman who has a corneal transplant and is able to see again. Only after her surgery she sees dead people! NICE!!!! Jessica Alba was the young woman and you know I liked her. I've read so many horrible things about her performance, but I was impressed! Jessica, I was a fan! One of the scariest parts of the film was a little boy that would hang around her hallway and ask, "Have you seen my report card?" CREEPY!!!! The great thing about this film was that there was resolution at the end. It doesn't leave you hanging, making you wonder if the boogy man will be after you next! I would be very surprised if we see a sequel come from this. But this is one that you should go see!

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Allison said...

I am not gonna lie... I about pissed my pants in this movie!!!!