Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Oh the LOST panic has begun. YES, I panic over this show. I don't think there has ever been a show that I watch so intently. I mean I seriously focus in on every tiny detail or fact that is said or implied and all of this sends me into a panic. I've been playing this Find Oceanic 815 that the producers of LOST have created to get us through to the season opener and I am addicted, I have my alarm set to when the new clue comes up so I can run to my computer and figure it out. It's insane, but OH SO GOOD!!!!! The new season starts January 31st and if you are a fan like me, you've already read the article in the Entertainment Weekly that implies that there may be some sort of time travel involved and that all next season we will be getting flash fowards instead of flash backs! HMMMM, something to think about!

Oh Lord, please let the writers end this strike and go back to work! I can't bear the thought of not having a full season! 8 episodes will NOT get me through another year!! IT JUST WON'T!!!!

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