Monday, February 4, 2008

Strange Wilderness

HILARIOUS and yet stupid at the same time! You may be wondering how this is possible, I submit trailer A:

The voice you heard was that of Steve Zahn! What a guy!
Strange Wilderness was exactly that, "STRANGE". The film has some of the hilarious one liners that you would expect from a Happy Madison film. One of my favorites is directed to a man who suffered a shark attack and is now in a wheel chair, "What you all up in my waist for." I think I laughed so hard I farted! Gross, I know!!! It didn't stink though, thank goodness. This movie however was so stupid, there were scenes that made you wonder what the director was thinking. You know that had they spent an little extra loving care on this film it would have been ten times better! Oh and some of the acting was horrible! The female character in the film sucked, that honor goes to Ashley Scott! YOU SUCK ASHLEY SCOTT!!!! All in all, I say wait till this movie comes out on DVD!!! It will make you laugh!

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Allison said...

'Sharks are found in only two areas of the world... the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.' Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha Wha ha ha ha ha.... Ohhhh SO FUNNY!!