Monday, January 7, 2008

Alicia Keys

Oh, there is nothing like a little soul to get you through your day! I'm tellin' you that it brings the blood pressure down, you let things roll off your shoulders and you feel so smooth! Alicia Keys album AS I AM will do just that! I love to listen to it right as I am getting ready to go to bed, it relaxes me and helps me sort out the day I just had! Invest my friends! Invest in the healing powers of Ms. Alicia Keys! One of my favorite songs is Lesson Learned, John Mayer sings a bit of the chorus and it is such a powerful song for the girl who has had to learn from past relationships. Oh the bridge for the song is so PERFECT,
"Life perfect, aint perfect if you don't know what the struggles for
Falling down aint falling down if you don't cry when you hit the floor
It's called the past 'cause im getting past
and i ain't nothing like I was before.
You ought to see me now."

OH, I love it!!!

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