Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mommy Time :)

I hate to admit it, but I am definitely one of "those" mommies!  You know, the ones who are so excited for some "me" time, but once their child is no longer in sight...she cries!  LOL!  Yes, I am one of those mommies.  My good friend Melanie asked to take Daniel for a night and I happily, excitedly agreed!  A whole night to myself, yes please!  It just so happened that my sister Fia was celebrating her 30th birthday party at the Tavernacle that night as well, win-win!

So Friday came, I got Daniel packed up and the minute I dropped him off with Melanie, I started to tear up.  Some of it was guilt, I kept thinking "Am I a bad Mom for wanting "me" time?"  Another part of me was worried, "What if something happens to Daniel and I am not there?"  "What if that was the last time I ever see him?"  Lastly, there was a bit of relief "I am by myself and I really enjoy this moment of quiet."  By the time I got to Olivia's house I was composed and ready to get ready for the night.

What a FUN night!  I love the Tavernacle!  If you have never been, you MUST go!  It's a dueling piano show and these guys sing everything from Queen to Michael Jackson to Guns 'n' Roses!  By the way, Happy Birthday Fia!

The next morning when I woke up, I was feeling a little sad again that I didn't have Daniel with me.  I gave him a call and he was just about to start a hike up through Brighton with Melanie.  He was happy, excited and too bothered to talk to me.  Once I hung up, I began to tear up.  "Why isn't he sad too?"  I mean, I'm glad that he was having fun and that he can have fun without me.  Also, I was so thankful to Melanie for planning such a fun weekend for him.  He got to go see a movie, eat ice cream, go for a hike and do some swimming.  While I got to go out for a fun night with my family, sleep in, have lunch with Olivia & Claudio and then happily, excitedly reunite with Daniel at the end of the day.  We both had such a good time doing our own things, but we were so excited to be back together again.

This morning after breakfast, Daniel jumped in bed with me and told me, "I missed you Mom."  Oh, YAY!  He did miss me!

Here are some pics of Daniel on his hike with Melanie!

I was going to post some pics from the Tavernacle, but decided against it...I think that you had to be there to find them funny.  :)

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Makenzie said...

I have had those times with Vea . But honestly some space between you guys makes him more independant and makes you a more patient mom, a better mom really. So don't be sad!! :) I am glad you guys had a good time at tavernacle! We always had fun up there!! ;)