Saturday, April 9, 2011

Internet Shopping

Class was canceled this morning and Daniel had already left with Grandpa to a funeral (poor guy) so I put my pj's back on, jumped back in to bed and began browsing everyone's blogs.  This however, turned into a morning filled with online purchases.  Although, I must say I'm excited about what I've purchased.  The great thing about ordering online is the anticipation factor.  Every day you head to the mailbox hoping that today is the day and when if finally arrives...what a treat!!  Let me tell you what I got...not to brag...but to share my fun finds and good deals!!

I love pearls and I do not have a single does this happen?  Well, I put an end to that when I bought this lovely necklace from Vintage Pearl.  I just got the one charm with Daniel's Initial, plus the pearl.  :)  I'm considering this a Mother's Day gift to myself.  

Then I stopped over at to see if they had any fun ideas for me...Ari is sleeping over tonight and I wanted to help them have fun as well as wear them out before bed!  While there I noticed that a subscription for a year was only $10!  So I subscribed to that!

I then started to browse for items that I could put in Daniel's Easter Basket.  See, I learned something a while ago, Daniel doesn't really care for candy.  Right now the kid has two large bowls of candy on his toy chest but he doesn't care to eat it.  That doesn't mean that he doesn't like treats...some days he LOVES them.  Anyways, back to the basket...I don't do a lot of candy.  One chocolate bunny, three or four eggs filled with money and candy and then a book and a movie.  Well, I found the book and the movie on Amazon this morning at KILLER prices!!!

 On Amazon for $13.99!

 On Amazon for only $9.99!

A nice quiet morning in bed cost more than it should've, but now I have a week of fun anticipation ahead of me!!!

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Anonymous said...

My children love this book. Daniel will really like it.