Monday, October 4, 2010

Go, Fight, WIN!!!

We had the most amazing weekend!!!  It started Thursday night when we went to pick up my Mom from the airport and then visit my new little nephew, Clayton John Eyre!  He is so stinkin' adorable, he makes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!!  Oh man, he is the cutest!!!

Then Friday after work and school, Daniel and I headed out to Logan with my parents.  I love driving through Sardine canyon in the Fall, it really is the BEST.  The fall colors seem so vivid, as if you were looking at a hand painted canvas.

After driving through what seemed to be a never ending traffic jam...

...we made it to the beautiful Logan. 

Where USU played against BYU.  A team they have been unable to beat in seventeen years / ten games.  UGH!!  It was a beautiful day for a game and we were all hoping for a win.  Not only for USU and Naki's sake, but for the much needed bragging rights!!

WE WON!!!!  31 to 16, it was the BEST!!!!  Oh my gosh, it was the best feeling ever!  The USU students flooded the field after the game and it gave me goosebumps!!!

Saturday night we decided to extend the joy and through a victory party for Naki!  We had tons of food, watched highlights from the game and let the kids play till they passed out!

Like I said it was an amazing weekend!!!

*I'm so bugged, because I have more pictures, but I can't get them to load correctly.  Anyone know how to rotate the photos in the new blogger image upload?


June Asisi said...

It was a great weekend. Great pictures to remember the fun.

Kellie said...

Ha ha. Funny we just got to Logan. We missed the pretty colors though:( I guess we should have made it up here a couple of weeks ago. So excited that USU beat BYU. It's about time they have a decent football team.