Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Best Part

The best part about the trip was getting to spend time with my family.
Favorite moments with each:
Daniel - The drive to Bear Lake and playing in the lake.
Dad - Watching you dominate in horseshoes.
Mom - Late night talks in your room.
Jared - Has to be the battery failure on the boat, sorry. :)
Adrian - Watching you catch bugs with the kids and rounding your family up for jumping pictures!!
Tua - When you first came in the house and everyone said your name, you were so excited!
Tavake - It has to be your drooly smiles.  So sweet!!!
Scott - Lazy chat on the lake, while floating around in our tubes.
Fia - Besides the AMAZING dinner you made, I would have to say the rousing game of Scategories we played.
Tre bug - It had to be all the hugs and the good sharing!
Sione & Lorien - Playing scrabble with the boombox playing some good tunes.  Oh and thanks for the help with horseshoes, that was quite embarrassing on my part.
Tevita - Thanks for introducing me to Yo Gabba Gabba, my new fave!
Makenzie - It would have to be the lovely talk on the beach.  Thanks for letting me cry and for giving me time to heal.  I'm still slightly crazy/bitchy.
Vea - Saturday morning cartoon/movie!  For sure!
Lua - "GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER!!" Playing at the park and your shocking scrabble vocabulary!  :)
Ari - Your cute fake laugh and your cute personality!
Naki - Our talk on the beach and your goofy picture poses!
I think that is everyone, phew!!

There is nothing like family, they can be your biggest supporters and your worst critics.  I depend on them to tell me when they think I'm being dumb and when I'm doing a good job.  I love each of these people so much and I'm so glad that I have them in my life.  I'm also so glad that they are there for Daniel and that they took time this weekend to love on him.  Families are the best (Nacho Libre voice)!!!

And that's not even my whole family.  I can't believe I took over 100 pictures and managed to miss a majority of the adults.  Can you blame me though, when these kids are so stinkin' cute?


PALMERS said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! Love you Ela!

Makenzie said...

Love love those pics!