Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A is for ALIEN

It's day one of our alphabet project and it was out of this world!  On our way home from school, Daniel and I thought of all the words we could think of that started with the letter A...
So after dinner we drew pictures of what we thought Alien's looked like...

This is Sale (pronounced Sally), she has five ears and wolverine sideburns.

and this is Trip!

After our Art project, we read Aliens Love Underpants...
such a great story!

Then we caught a bit of America's Got Talent...yikes!!
I don't understand some of these people that show up for auditions?!?

Side note:  Mom, the peonies are starting to bloom...so pretty!


Kellie said...

You have got to be the coolest mom ever. Daniel is so lucky to have you. I am taking notes of the fun little activities you do with him so I will have ideas for Averie later.

Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

Oh my goodness Kellie, you are so nice! I can only imagine all the fun things you and that cutie-pa-tootie of yours are going to do as she gets older.

June Asisi said...

How fun that you are doing this with Daniel. I bet he loves all the attendion. Thanks for the peony picture. They are always so pretty when they bloom.