Sunday, May 2, 2010

The kid says the funniest things...

He was cracking me up this weekend!  The two things that stand out, are:

1 - I'm mindlessly folding laundry, while Daniel is playing with his toys.  I realize he is singing a song and I tune my ears in to see if I recognize the song.  I hear,

Daniel:  "!  Running over fat kids in a van."
Me:  What song are you singing?
Daniel:  The Ironman Song!!  Running over fat kids in a van."
Me:  Excuse me?!?  That is not the Ironman song!  Are those the words you hear?
Daniel:  No, Parker told me that's how the song goes.
Me:  Those aren't the words buddy.  It's not nice of Ironman to run over fat kids.  Would a superhero really run over fat kids?
Daniel:  Ironman would!  He's funny like that.

2 - In the car, on our way home from the Gateway.

Daniel:  What does "mean" mean?
Me:  I'm not sure what you are asking.  Tell me what you want to know?
Daniel:  I want to know what the word "mean" means?
Me:  Which kind of "mean"?
Daniel:  You know!  When someone is rude to someone else, that word "mean"!
Me:  Well, you got it!  That's what "mean" means!
Daniel:  It's when someone is rude to someone else?
Me:  Pretty much.
Daniel:  Wow, how do you know so much?

He is such a funny one!

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