Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Questions Answered on LOST

Okay, so after three hours of LOST last night I was; thrilled that the new and last season has begun, slightly disappointed in the additional questions that emerged, and excited to finally get some answers to a few haunting questions!!! I won't tell you what the answer is, but I will tell you what questions we got answers to!

"What is the black smoke and jungle monster?"
"Why was there ash around Jacob's house?"
"What was in the guitar case that Hugo brought back to the island?"
"What happened to the survivors in the 70's when the bomb went off?"
"How does Miles talk to dead people?" (sort of)

Other than that, there were like 100 new questions. How are they ever going to answer all the questions by May 13th?

Can I just say, it was so lovely to see Boone, Charlie and Claire again!!


Brandon & Aimee said...

I agree especially on seeing Charlie! I have so many questions still but love watching and hope it answers them all by the time the series ends!

June said...

that was exactlyyyyyy wt i was wondering about!