Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny Looking Elf

I got this from my friend Melanie, who watched Daniel last Saturday. What a funny story, I had to share it! Daniel is such a crack up!

"LOL. I forgot to tell you what happened when Daniel saw Santa. We were in line waiting and there was a guy taking pictures of the kids with Santa (you couldn't take your own pics, you had to buy theirs). Anyways, the guy was kinda short like maybe 5'6" and had a festive vest on but wore regular jeans & t shirt & tennis shoes. He was kinda nerdy looking, kinda small in stature like ****. Anyways Daniel was so focused on him. I thought he was checking out his camera or something but he turns to me, points, and says loudly, "HEY! I think that's Santa's little elf!". I almost peed myself laughing. Hahahahaha. But hey, you can't be Santa's "helper" and be 5'6" and not expect an some kind of elf reference. Haha. Such a funny kid! :o)"

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