Thursday, September 10, 2009


Geology is SUPER cool! I never liked science, it always went right over my head, but I've been loving it. Have you ever checked out Google Earth or even Google Mars. Yikes, I'm turning into a Science nerd!! LOVE IT!! You can actually view the entire planet and with your mouse, rotate the Earth to see parts that you want to.

Some cool things I learned last night in my Geology class:

Did you know that...

~ the Earth's core is made up of purely Iron and Nickel. Nothing else, just Iron and Nickel.

~ that several times during the Earth's life, the polar caps have switched. Meaning the South Pole became the North Pole. It didn't rotate, it flipped. Plus, did you know that scientists think we may experience one in our lifetime? OMG, what does that mean? Craziness!!

~ the San Andreas Fault (running along California) shifts seven inches a year! Seven inches people!! How long till part of California is an island in the ocean?

~ that the crust consists of "sheet"ed dikes, "pillow" basalt and a "blanket" of sedement.

Picture taken by Red Alder Ranch

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Megs said...

I actually loved Geology too! I took it in the fall of '08, then took oceanography in spring of '09. I love the way pillow basalt looks, and lava looks so good I could eat it. Obviously I won't, but you get what I mean.

**If you need another science class and want an easy 'A,' take it from Andy Stanton :)