Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I'm Digging . . .

I had to post a quick bit about the things I'm totally digging lately!

#1 - I'm a Twilight nut and although I have finally gotten tired of watching the Twilight movie, I am NOT tired of reading all the updates for New Moon!!! Yahoo, November 20th!!!!!!

#2 - I won't be able to have these for a long while, due to a very important diet I am starting. But BK Breakfast Shots have taken my top spot for fave breakfast items. I'm telling you that I LOVE these things! It would make me very happy to know that someone out there is eating them and enjoying them for me.

#3 - If you love LOST, then you have got to check out Jorge Garcia's (aka Hurley) blog; Dispatches from the Island! He is hilarious, my favorite post is about the splatter pancakes! His girlfriends page is just as funny; From the Hallelujah to the Hoot.

#4 - I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have become a Street Thug on Mafia Wars. Oh yes, I am officially beating down pimps, robbing warehouses and buying up abandoned lots all in the hopes of moving up the Mafia chain. I wonder if the top level is becoming the Godfather. How cool would that be? If you are on facebook, let me know and I'll invite you to join my Mafia!

#5 - I have decided that I want to sing like Adele! Her CD 19 is genius and I LOVE her voice. You must get ahold of her music and take it all in! You won't be sorry!


Brandon & Aimee said...

Love your updates Ela! That new moon poster is awesome, I can't wait for the if only they had someone better playing the lead parts...:)

Butler Family said...

Ela thats one hott pic of edward! lol