Friday, April 24, 2009

St. George

I'm finally taking a moment (11:39 pm) to update my blog and tell you all about St. George. It's become a tradition to take a relaxing break once tax season has come to an end. Last year we waited a couple of weekends, this year we left on the 16th of April! Oh yeah! Fia, Scott, Tre, Daniel, my mom and I all headed to sunny St. George with the soul purpose of finding a little R & R. It was such a wonderful trip, I'm so glad we did it. First off, we stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites in St. George. It's a beautiful hotel and I finally got to take advantage of that travel discount! We spent a lot of time at the pool, got a beautiful tan, had some good food and came home refreshed! WOOWOO! Here are some pics from the trip.

The drive down to St. George was a little scary, there were quite a few times that we hit snow in the canyons. But we stopped in Beaver and were all too excited to take a picture on this big rocking chair. I was going to jump in it with Daniel, but there was a group of hot guys pumping gas right across from us, so I had to play it cool! LOL!

I made Grandma and Daniel pose for a picture while we were waiting for our food at The Claim Jumper. However, the first picture I took (candelight exposure) sucked, so I made them pose again. You can tell that Daniel was only smiling because I made him.

At home, bedtime is like clock work. He is never up later than 9:00. Oh not in St. George! The kid was up till ten or eleven every night we were there. But once he was asleep, he didn't move an inch. He held this particular pose all night long. LOL!

We decided to go climb some red rocks while we were there. It wasn't till we got there that we realized flip flops was probably not the best idea.

I love this picture of Daniel!

I made Mom do a "silly" pose and this is what she gave me. LOVE IT!!

St. George throws a Kite Festival every year. It was a lot of fun to be there. Unfortunately, the kites were less impressive due to the lack of wind. But we had a great time on the blow up slides.

About five minutes after I took this adorable picture of Daniel it dawned on me that I had locked my keys in my car! ARGH!! Thank goodness Scott is GREAT at breaking into cars. He pulled a MacGyver move with his wallet, hat and wire to save the day. YAY Scott!

It was a FABULOUS trip and I can't wait to do it again!


CJ and Kate said...

Oh it looks like you guys a ton of fun

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Too cute sissy! We had a blast! Love you!

Butler Family said...

That looks like so much fun! Im jealous