Friday, March 6, 2009


Have you ever been caught so off guard by something utterly hilarious that you find yourself laughing so hard? Only it's not a normal laugh or a laugh you recognize, it's an uncontrollable laugh that contains wheezing, snorts and accidental urination. One such moment snuck up on me this week and I must share!! May you read the moment and laugh as hard as I did. If you don't find it hilarious, I guess you had to be there. :)

Preface: Daniel wakes up at 6:00 am every morning and while I sleep or get ready for work he watches his morning cartoons.

The moment was more of a realization involving several mini moments. Daniel over the last couple of weeks has been pointing out things on the road and yelling, "Look it's Bumblebee." I of course am driving and can't look over to see the bumblebee. So, I simply respond; "Oh nice, buddy!" "Cool!" "A bumblebee, crazy!!" To which he states, "Oh yeah man, way cool!" LOL!
Then the night before his birthday we went for a little walk around the neighborhood and he, ever so cooly, looks over at this yellow car on the side of the road and says, "Hi Bumblebee." I look over at the car than at him.
"Where's the bumblebee Daniel?"
"Right there, that's Bumblebee. He's really cool!"
"Umm. . . Ok buddy."
Now fast forward to this last Wednesday morning. The two of us are sitting at the breakfast table and Daniel is watching his cartoons. All of a sudden he stands up on his chair and yells, "Go Bumblebee!" I look up at the TV to see that he's watching Transformers, then return to my bagel. I put the magazine away, go the take a shower and while I'm in getting ready to condition my hair I'm reviewing these little events. This is when I realized that all this time he's been waving and pointing at yellow cars on the road, shouting "Hey Bumblebee!" and NOT referring to little yellow and black, flying bees. I could NOT stop laughing!

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Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Ha ha ha! I think I just peed a little! He is so darn cute sis! Love ya!