Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday Night = LOST Night

I had so much fun at the Casa de Aguiars!!! We had some Cafe Rio,

yummy deserts, Diet Coke and HELLO, we had us some SAWYER!! LOL! What a great episode, totally worth the nine month wait! It was so intense, I caught myself holding my breath at one point. I had to keep reminding myself to BREATH!!!

Here's a bit of Sawyer with NO SHIRT!!

Thank you so much Olivia and Claudio, for opening up your home to us! It was a GREAT night! (I didn't post the picture of the two of you eating, but next time we get together whatever I snap is fair game.) LOL!


Kellie said...

Ella I found your blog off Jessica's and now I can blog stalk you too :) Jk. Cute blog! I am glad you are a fan of Lost too. Such an amazing show!

My Mom and Dad said...

AHHH! I so wanted to take a peek at the video of Sawyer! I hate waiting for the season to come out on DVD! You should totally TIVO them for me, and we'll come over to watch them all at the end! Love you sissy!

CJ and Kate said...

Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. I Wanna see the next season. You lucky duck.