Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun Weekend: Part 2 of 2


Saturday was Lulabee's birthday and boy did we have fun celebrating it with her! Her sweet boyfriend, Justin, let us kidnap her for the night! Fia and I picked her up around 4:30 and told her that we were going to take her shopping at Tai Pan! She thought that was cool and we let her think that was her main gift from us. Hehe, we're sneaky!!

Once we got to the check out counter, we surprised her with dinner plans at the Texas Roadhouse. Unfortunately the wait was too long and little did Lua know, but we had another surprise waiting for her. So we picked up Allison and headed to Carl's Jr for something quick to eat. By this time Lua knew that something else was up, but we didn't say a word. We just got back on the freeway. Once we exited off the freeway near the E Center, Lua guessed we were going to a concert. Then a guy selling t-shirts for New Kids on the Block walked by the car and she got the surprise!! LOL!! It was a fabulous concert!

It started out with Lady Gaga, whom I love!

Then Natasha Bedingfield performed, whom I love even more!

Then it was Jonathon, Jordan, Joey, Danny and my favorite Donnie!!! What a fun concert, they sang the old school with some of their new stuff and the crowd didn't stop screaming for a minute! 15 years later and they still got the RIGHT STUFF, BABY!!

Once the concert was over and we were coming down from our nastalgic high, we went to TGI Friday's for a birthday treat! Happy B-Day sis!

*Thanks for the pics Nosilla!

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Megs said...


HOW AAAAWESOME! I bet that was a total blast!

I used to have a poster of NKOTB hanging on my wall until I took it down yesterday, I mean, when I got rid of it when I was eight. I used to kiss it sometimes too. Yeah.

I'm cool. Don't hate.